eric vignot

A wonderful story begins!

A word from the founder:

I have had a passion for nature since I was little and after a meeting 10 years ago, with others concerned about the protection of endangered parrots, I have been inspired to help endangered parrots as well. Thanks to the success of my business for the past 35 years in the parapharmaceutical industry, I can finally participate actively in programs for the safeguarding of threatened species like our beautiful and intelligent ambassadors, parrots.

I created the Parrot Wildlife Foundation to help these wonderful creatures in their environment. Our actions are undertaken in association with protection and conservation programs in Africa, South America, and Asia. Indeed, too many parrots are abandoned, mistreated, or detained in deplorable conditions condemning them to a poor quality of life.

By the end of 2018, we will integrate a certain number of parrots. It will take place in an ultramodern structure at Domaine de Crécy (in France at 40km east from Paris).

The structure is in the middle of nature with 2500m2 of indoor and outdoor aviaries, including a training one of 1000m2 that we just finished to build. In 2019, PWLF will have a status of parrot species conservation, with all it needs for birdkeeping: a nursery or baby station, a breeding certificate, an aviary for the adaptation of young parrots and a quarantine room for the newcomers.

For fiscal matters, PWLF has a legal structure of endowment fund, and donations will finance PWFL activities. Because PWLF is an institution not authorized to receive people, it will be able to receive its donors only, and under certain conditions. In early 2020, we planned to build Crecy Safari Park, which will be open to the public. It will be an immersive dream in the animal’s world with parrots as ambassadors.

Eric Vignot – CEO of the PWLF