About us

Eric Vignot, Founder and CEO of the Parrot WildLife Foundation, decided after working during 37 years in the parapharmaceutical industry, he could finally participate actively in programs for the safeguarding of threatened species like our beautiful and intelligent ambassadors, parrots.
Deforestation, wildlife smuggling, and the authorized sale of animals are the reasons that motivate PWLF to protect endangered species.
The authorized sale mainly involves incompetent pet-shoppers who trade animals that deserve the utmost care and has contributed to the disappearance of many species since the 1970s. This includes 140 species of extinct birds and 110 species of endangered parrots.


The other Ex Situ activity of PWLF is the improvement of the welfare of parrots in captivity:

By giving information

By using a big aviary of 1000m2 with trees so that our donors could come and make their parrots fly.

Also, we’ll improve the life of parrots in captivity in Europe by translocating parrots from inadequate animal shelters.

In 2019, we’ll be construing  a 2500m2 building with aviaries, offices, treatment room, quarantine room and food preparation area. This will be located before the entrance of the future park Crecy Safari Park at the Domaine de Crécy in Crécy-la-Chapelle at 40km from Paris, France.

Mr Vignot finances all the structure: website, buildings, and aviaries. The donations we receive from our  donors will help to carry out our Ex situ and In Situ actions.