In Situ Actions

Deforestation, wildlife smuggling and authorized sale by an unqualified staff cause various problems such as: the extinction of endemic species in their own environment, such as the African Grey parrots (which are no longer in the wild in Ghana), the bees, and the giraffes.

In South America, the emblematic Ara Hyacynthe is only free in protected reserves, such as the Pantanal.
PWLF will finance protection and conservation programs in the native country of these parrots.
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PWLF supports the Espaço Silvestre Institute

June 6th, 2017|0 Comments

The other project that is close to our heart is the preservation of the vinaceous-breasted amazon in their natural habitat. For this purpose, we are financially supporting the Espaço Silvestre Institute, based in Brazil. This [...]

PWLF supports the Ara Project

June 1st, 2017|0 Comments

The Parrot WildLife Foundation is expanding its in situ activity by financially supporting the Ara Project in Costa Rica. The Ara Project is a non-profit government-supervised organization for the protection and conservation of the Great [...]

Ex situ actions

PWLF that is in France, will have two activities Ex Situ.

In one hand, the conservation and reproduction of parrot species that are either endangered or emblematic and in danger, and in the other hand a breeding activity.

An experimented and certified breeder will join the foundation by the end of 2018 with all his equipment and the many pairs of parrots we have already acquired: Aras, Poïcephalus…

We will give as much information as possible to individuals who own parrots to avoid dramatic situations such as malnutrition, inadequate cages, or the purchase of parrots without precautions (tested, origins).

A lot of parrots will be welcomed in a modern structure with 2500m2 of indoor and outdoor aviaries, a kitchen for meal preparation, a quarantine room, and a veterinary zone. One will be able to virtually adopt parrots under contractual conditions.

We will teach parrots how to fly to improve their well-being in a 1000m2 aviary surrounded by nature. This aviary is already available for the parrots of the donors of PWLF, under certain conditions.

PWLF is developing its Ex Situ activity

December 13th, 2017|0 Comments

The Parrot Wildlife Foundation starts to be more active in the ex situ activity. The foundation has already acquired non-consanguineous pairs of Vinaceous-breasted amazons and of Ara militaris. They will join us when the foundation [...]

Ouaïd and the Parrot WildLife Foundation

January 16th, 2017|6 Comments

On November, the 19th, we were delighted to welcome Ouaïd. He is passionate about parrots and he is the first donor of the Parrot WildLife Foundation. In an interview, Ouaïd shared with us his knowledge [...]