Legacies for the benefit of endangered species

The Parrot WildLife Foundation is a foundation with the objective to preserve endangered animal species and other animals of their environment.

Since the 1970s, it has been demonstrated that more than 28 species and subspecies of parrots have disappeared and that 110 species are in danger of extinction. PWLF is working intensively and in close cooperation with various animal conservation organizations to develop a conservation program for the most threatened species.

Since its creation at the end of 2016, the Parrot WildLife Foundation has contributed to the protection of the African Grey Parrot.

Donation in favor of the Parrot WildLife Foundation

The funding of the Parrot WildLife Foundation comes largely from the support of the founder for the creation of the structure, the premises, and the aviaries. All the money PWLF receives from the donors goes directly to the conservation projects for endangered species in situ or ex situ.

To benefit animals

Whatever the motivation or the amount of money you give, any person contributing to PWLF development will allow it to continue its work for the benefit of endangered animals.

Where can I leave my parrots?

For all those who own parrots, and who are concerned about their fate, the Parrot WildLife Foundation may be able to provide a special service for the wellbeing of these animals.

Following study and acceptance by PWLF , it will accept the parrots that were owned by the person who has also donated to the Foundation which includes assets to ensure their wellbeing in our facilities. Indeed, the legal structure of an endowment fund allows the bequest in any form.

If you wish, whenever you foresee to name this entity inheritor or make a legacy in its favor, the Parrot Wildlife Foundation can give you some contacts with its lawyers who will legally guide you in granting your will.

If you wish to financially contribute to the Parrot Wildlife Foundation projects in situ and ex situ, it’s easy.

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