The other project that is close to our heart is the preservation of the vinaceous-breasted amazon in their natural habitat. For this purpose, we are financially supporting the Espaço Silvestre Institute, based in Brazil. This institute is a non-governmental and non-profit organization for the preservation of biodiversity.

The amazon includes twelve species of parrots in Brazil. Four subspecies of them are threatened with extinction. Among these four species there is the vinaceous-breasted amazon. In Brazil, this parrot is in the south of Bahia to Rio Grande do Sul, but also in Paraguay and Argentina.

The vinaceous-breasted amazon is characterized by its size (35 cm/ 13,78 in long). It is a green parrot with a bluish nape, and a vinous-maroon breast. Its life expectancy is thirty years.

By supporting the Espaço Silvestre Institute, we contribute to the conservation of these parrots and their reintroduction into the Araucarias National Park. This park is in category II of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) protected area.

Our funding also allows us to contribute to people education about the amazon and their habitat. There are now only 2,650 vinaceous-breasted amazons in the World!

All the donations you do for our foundation contribute to the development of various organizations for the protection and conservation of parrots in the World. That is why we need your support to carry out our in situ and ex situ actions.

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