Parrot WildLife Foundation is a structure which objective is the conservation and the reproduction of parrots, including other animal species living in their environment. To ensure its success, PWLF works with and supports organizations working on the animal welfare.

As part of the protection of the African Grey parrots, Parrot WildLife Foundation participates in Nigel Collar’s project, concerned by the African Grey protection.

Famous organizations also finance the project such as CITES, Parrot International and the Loro Parque Fundacion.

In addition to financially contribute to the project, the President of the Parrot WildLife Foundation, Eric Vignot will go to Gabon in June 2Perroquet gris du gabon017 to understand the situation on the ground and thus better act accordingly.

To know:

The African Grey, a talkative parrot and highly prized as a pet, is in danger of extinction. This animal, in real danger in the nature and has practically disappeared from the Ghanaian forest. Fortunately, at the beginning of October 2016, the African Grey moved to Appendix I * of the CITES Convention to preserve the last representatives of its specie in the wild. So, by 2017, the commercialization of the African Grey will become very complex and the capture of the wild subjects will disappear soon.

*Appendix I lists animal species with different degrees or types of protection from overexploitation. The species listed in this Appendix are the most endangered of all animal and plant species covered by the CITES. Being threatened with extinction, CITES prohibits international marketing of specimens except when the importation is not made for commercial purposes.

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