The JocoToco Foundation is a ecuadorian non-govermental organization (NGO),  created in 1998 with the aim to protect the ecosystem and endemic species of the country.

The objective of this foundation is to purchase lands and manage them like biological reserves.
They already own a network of 12 biological reserves, with a global area of about 17.500 hectares in all.
To its credit, JocoToco foundation protects more than 800 species of birds, of which more than 50 are endangered or critically endangered of extinction.
Also, the reserves keep safe at least 200 reptiles, amphibians, and mammals species.

The JocoToco project is already well advanced and we want to support it to release farmed birds on reserves, to create nests, to build lodges, to develop ecotourism (with job creation and country’s GDP progress), to reduce wildlife poaching, and to educate the population.

We will work for the conservation of Amazona lilacina – little amazon with a red front from Ecuador. There are less than 2000 amazonas in the worldwild.

Amazona lilacina travels to specific roosting sites where trees pocess hard timber and are threatened by logging for charcoal production by the local farmers.

The largest population of 400-800 individuals has been located in Las Balsas where habitat destruction of their roosting sites and pet trade are serious imminent threats.

In addition to the risk of fire from dry wood, coal production is gradually reducing the forests.

Ecuador sustained the highest deforestation rate in South America with more than 95% forests disappearance.

Thanks to the funding, JocoToco has created a reserve to protect specifically the largest population of Amazona Lilacina and identify the most threatened nesting and foraging sites in this area. It will start an environmental campaign to reduce pet trade and direct persecution as well.

There is a huge risk that roosting sites of the Amazona lilacina will be deforested soon in las balsas because it’s suitable for agriculture and coal production.

This is why it is necessary to launch an environmental campaign so that the local population (farmers, children, etc.) becomes aware of the impact of deforestation and poaching on their land.

The objectives :

Objective 1 : Identify core areas for nesting and foraging (gps track). By tracking they can pinpoint key areas in the Chongon Colonche mountains that are as yet unprotected so they can identify the future land purchases for the next box program.

Objective 2 : Reduce parrot trade and persecution in las balsas community : they will assess parrot trade by surveying communities. Surveys will consist of visiting houses and local markets, determine the number and species identity of parrots and approaching sellers to identify and contact them. They will do interviews in schools and local meetings to quantify the demand for parrot species as pets.

The purpose is to establish a new ecological conscience, reduce the interest to keep lilacine amazon as pets and understand the importance of conserving this species.

Objective 3 : 1. Promote community environmental outreach to increase interest for the amazona lilacina: they will use the lilacine amazon as emblematic species to create pride for the local fauna and flora.

2. Raise local awareness and empower the charisma of the lilacine amazon in the area and organize 4 workshops in the local schools where children can participate in several activities regarding the protection of the lilacine amazon.

This work is made possible thanks to the close collaboration of the JocoToco Foundation with the park wardens of the Ministry of the Environment and members of the local population. We urgently need your donations to save the Amazon lilacine from the definitive extinction.

Because you donate, we can finance ambitious and virtuous projects such as this one and contribute to the conservation and reproduction of parrots in In Situ programs.